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Sports Overuse Injuries in Young People

Tuesday, 02 July 2024 00:00

Sports-related injuries are common in children and adolescents, particularly affecting the feet due to the high impact and repetitive stress involved in athletic activities. Growth plates, the areas of developing tissues at the ends of long bones, are vulnerable during this stage, making young athletes more susceptible to injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains. Many of these injuries are related to overuse, where repetitive stress leads to wear and tear on the feet. Common foot injuries in this age group include Sever's disease, an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel, and stress fractures, small cracks in the bone caused by repetitive force. Other issues like ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the tissue along the bottom of the foot, are also prevalent. Prevention strategies include proper warm-up exercises, wearing appropriate and well-fitting footwear, and ensuring adequate rest to avoid overuse injuries. Parents and coaches should encourage young athletes to listen to their bodies and seek medical attention when pain persists. If you have a young athlete in the family, it is suggested that you schedule regular visits to a podiatrist to maintain foot health and address any injuries promptly.

Making sure that your children maintain good foot health is very important as they grow. If you have any questions, contact Dawn Miles, DPM of Florida. Our doctor can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

Keeping Children's Feet Healthy

Having healthy feet during childhood can help prevent medical problems later in life, namely in the back and legs. As children grow, their feet require different types of care. Here are some things to consider...

Although babies do not walk yet, it is still very important to take care of their feet.

Avoid putting tight shoes or socks on his or her feet.

Allow the baby to stretch and kick his or her feet to feel comfortable.

As a toddler, kids are now on the move and begin to develop differently. At this age, toddlers are getting a feel for walking, so don’t be alarmed if your toddler is unsteady or ‘walks funny’. 

As your child gets older, it is important to teach them how to take care of their feet.

Show them proper hygiene to prevent infections such as fungus.

Be watchful for any pain or injury.

Have all injuries checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

Comfortable, protective shoes should always be worn, especially at play.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our offices located in Palatka and Saint Augustine, FL . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

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